Party bug

Phbot invites only 4 people out of 8 to the party. I have seen this happening for 2 days now. I have to disband the party by hand and wait it to invite 8 players to the party

change it to share / share

lol its already in share/share it just stops inviting more than 4 players most of the time bot relogs.

Can you provide a way to reproduce this?

I am using the same configs that I’ve been using for a long time. For a couple of days after updating, whenever I look at my gold party, the party has only 4 members in it and the other 4 are partyless grinding at the spot.

After I manually kick everyone out of the party, It invites all 8.

Right but I need steps to make it not invite a full party. It’s something with the party type causing it to believe the max is 4 instead of 8.


its like this and it always has been

I think I found the problem actually. I will give you a version to try soon.


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Let me know if that fixes it.

I believe it fixed it. It has been working for me since you posted it, they went relogging for a couple of times. I will post if I encounter the same 4/8 party problem again

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