Party buffing

Hello everyone.

I have 3x party ( 1x LVL 89-90 - 2X LVL 70-72 ) … had problems with dcs on clerics and bards and copied the new phbot client Ryan uploaded and I do not get anymore dcs but my 2x partys lvl 70-72 are always dead cause the cleric buffs not working ( INT , STR , PHY , MAG ) … also all my chars have Donwhang as spawn point and I enabled genie lamp quest for the DW npc and its picking up the quest from dw but when the quest is complet and they use return scroll, they do no hand the quest in DW .. they go SMK or HT sometimes to hand the quest ... also have enabled the opetion return/disconnect after certain amount of time and still the same ... Could anybody help me out here as its really annoying?

Thank you !

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