Party buffing not working inside fortress!

this is pretty weird
when I enter inside jangan fortress my party chars do normal buffs but they never do party buffs
when I go outside they work !!!
I tried manually they can give buffs inside
I’m using same config I was using last week and they were working perfectly
idk what’s wrong today
this is so weird !
any explaination ?

They have to be in your party or guild/union.

of course they’re all in my guild and party
the weird thing when I teleport outside FW they buff , it just doesn’t work inside fortress
they do normal buffs like orbit , tambour , dance but they don’t do any party buffing like str int phy mag mask pain screens
and I asked friends in hotan fortress they didn’t have this problem there
seems like jangan fortress bugged or something but why wouldn’t chars buff , I don’t see the reason …

if you have teamviewer I can show you now