Party Buff

Is there any chance of adding to the Holy Recovery Party Buff? Thank you all <3

Have you tried placing the player name under the closest matching buff?

Cleric buff is Holy Recovery is not added Party Buffs…Is there any chance of adding ?

Is it a buff you cast on a player? If so, which option should it go under?

I don’t think I can tell my problem.I would like to automatically select the Cleric buff, Holy Recovery, to a character.However, the Holy Boot is not attached to the buff bots. Healing Cycle does not have Holy Recovery How can we add it? Or isn’t there in the system?

You can’t add that skill to the normal buff list?

I’m adding to the normal buff list but using it. I want to make it available to someone else. I want to push my other account to Holy Recovery

closest is holy spell but it effect everyone not 1 player so its not in party buff list