P-server based on isro-R with changes & extra's...?

a private server
based on isro-R
with lots of edits/changes?
i remember a p-server with extra mastery(WIND)
was it “sro legion”?
or “origin”?
or what was it…?

& any recommendations
for active(by players not characters/bots) servers?
with lvl 140max(prefered)
& new skills
& phbot allowed…?

Sailor Online Red Sea but it doesnt have crazy edits its more of a oldschool feel. No bots because its got a integrated bot in the game itself, PHBot doesnt work with it tho.

is it active?
& is it the one with WIND mastery?

very active and no clue, havent played in a bit, the xp rates are slow


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They have Sailor Online and Sailor Online Red Sea, The normal is 140 cap with DG15 update and Sailor Online Red Sea is 110 cap both have Integrated Bots and are HEAVILY updated daily with crazy custom stuff i just dont have time to play them anymore cause the XP rates are slow to what im used to

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