Other Phbot Manager Bot?

Is there any other Phbot Manager Bot?

I remember a few years ago existed or exists “PHLogin SRO”, this worked very well and worked in Sro and Global Private. “PHBOT-EasyLogin” is also a manager login, works only for Sro Global. Can you tell if they work? “MANAGER PHBOT” does not work properly, closes all the time by itself, when opening accounts, already closes by itself and does not even attempt to log in. Totally unstable.

The question again: Is there another program that makes it easy to login to multiple accounts at the same time and when the PC starts up, it can log in by itself.

Thank you all for your attention.

As far as I know, there was a project “phConnector” similar to Manager but it has been discontinued. So there’s only one project, that is Manager. That’s all.