Option to ignore/not visit guildstorage?

is there?

whats going on with the bot?
it use to do it normal
why now it “cant generate script”?

There’s no way to do that because going to guild storage is controlled through your town script.

Which coordinates?

14392 -77

base alex N/S or constan…

its in mirror … FAR right mobs 114~115

Works fine from what I can tell.

Why isnt my working?

Maybe palmyra have different area reading? Wanna login?
Did u test from base?
Or from mirror?

That is literally impossible.

can u please login to my char with my bot config file & see WHY is it failing?

hello @Ryan ?

It has nothing to do with your character or config. Most likely you’re not able to connect to the nav server so you’re not receiving a path. I’m able to use it just fine and it works.

is that from ur side or the silkroad side?

have u tested it on palmyra ?

Paths are not created in the bot unless they’re very short. Everything else has always been done on my server because you don’t have enough memory to load the required data across multiple bots.

why isn’t it working on palmyra ? would u like an account to login and test? i’ll gladly give u mine

It’s not the server. Something is blocking the connection so it can’t retrieve the path.


A) 14320 -66 (works)
B) 14392 -77 (works not)

both are close a but to each other but moved cuz party near spawning pt mobs

location A
bot go normal

location B
bot lost track from after shopping
(go to train script starting)
even if i started bot from halfway…

fail start even very very near (out side) attack spot range space

so why is it not able to move/read/map a bit south of another location that can go there normally?
does hills & heights effect this? cuz im a bit on a hill…

No but if you’re next to a wall it will never find a path.

tree’s only far from each other too
even in old spot(few steps to the north of new location)

there is a wall area
bot walk through it to get to the other side
but even in the old spot … it go same road and pass normal till it reach…

detected walls and walking around it are both ON