Option for auto item destroy?

in TRSRO everybody destroying 9 dg items manually. Can u add option for auto destroy items to pick settings.? If possible thank you.

Don’t get me wrong but why are you playing this game?
You want everything to be done by bot.
You are paying lots of money to joymax and the game is full of bugs. You can’t even complain about it. But you want the bot to do every thing that you pay $1 for the week.

Com’on now. you can’t be that lazy.

destroying items waste of time ? u can do it manually ı just ask to do with bot if possible.

ı’ll try thank you

This is coming soon.

DeRidder14 thank you ıt’s working well. If you add it for and option as ı said. Picksettings> select items and dismantle its better ı think. But current is enough <3 ty

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