After blocking for opcodes we already need to know what are these plugins which won’t work again and why is that … I saw a topic but I think it’s deleted why I don’t know … And the author was talking about xchanger and derider talked about stall which already are tricks if he thinks it’s abuse it’s alreay doable using game Client itself … so why … and I think too some of xcontrol is blocked … so why is that too … whats the abuse of control multi instance of.the bot it self and characters using chat in commands like follow or travel from to … is that will.help.in reputation while the main advantages which I advertising for the bot for it is plugins ??

I don’t believe there should be anything blocked in xcontrol…

They were already blocked or limited in some way. I only added the missing ones so I don’t know why you care. This affects only people abusing the game so it’s not like I’m going to change it back. And yes this is a private server problem so the server owners should do something about it and not me but they usually have no idea what they’re doing.