"On cooldown" buff

So the problem is, my warriors are luring mobs and often they’re out of bard’s range and they dont receive the “Swing March” buff. In older versions of phBot I was using a lure script on bards which waited 10sec, did a walk to the center, then casted the speed buff, that way everyone has it at all times. That was working fine back then.
There are 2 problems with that, the first one being that bots don’t attack if they’re using a lure script, and second that its not casting the speed buff even tho it’s set on its lure script, the same lure scripts I used back then and they were working.

I suggest adding a list on the dropdown menu under the “Buffs” tab, to cast certain buffs everytime they are on cooldown. That would solve both problems.

Go to the conditions tab and make it cast every 60 seconds.

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That worked. I wasn’t aware of that Conditions tab, it’s new to me. Thanks

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