Old suggestion with new twist

auto login & logout at “between certain time zone(A to B)” or “ingame time”

i know i asked this before
& u suggested combine with windows schule

but my is a bit … unstable with few cracks here & there to avoid some windows10 ads & security “auto delete” crap
tried it before with another bot … fail to run

so was wandering
can u add this feature “logoff bot A & login bot B”
for those who have 4chars 1account
as this logoff login & 18hour between every login for each character … give XP booster +50% for 5~6hours
which would do amazingly with premium
& perfect for who are not fan of multiple accounts & like to pimp 1acc Only & make it its golden goose … as its a waste for charging many VIP & pricy armor’s when u can transfer a full set between characters at a same account

about this matter
u suggest to use windows10 " Task Scheduler "
with phmanager
thats when i had more than 1 account to login at the same time
now i only have 1account to login … but with 4 char’s
do i still need phmanager with Task Scheduler?

cant u add coding on manager to “close a char & open another” every few hours…?

again is there a way to do this?
maybe open “all char’s bot’s” but run the char that’s set to run at certain time
based on time pass OR from time A to time B
cuz when windows is locked
dont think a .EXE phbot will run … or does it?

If you want the character to auto start then yes you still need the Manager. I don’t plan on adding scheduled things to the Manager. It’s not really worth it.

how much for it to be worth it :upside_down_face: ?

is there a plugin for
“login” & “keep char logged in” & “logout”

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+1 Any plugins??