Often DCs

Hi, i have problem my chars are disconnecting very often, i have 2 chars and every 1-2h they just randomly disconnect (one of them so its not internet problem)

ISRO? That’s pretty normal if you don’t have vip status.

yeah isro, Eris, i didnt happend once in first 4 days

Its normal in isro
sometimes you run good and sometimes it runes bad for you

Oh okay thanks, thats why i think i wont back to isro then :smiley:

Btw u sure about that? today i got like 10 dces on 4 chars (same on my ip and same on socks proxy) it didn’t happend once in first 4 days of new server…

As more people try to play on the server you’re more likely to be disconnected.

There is something to avoid this? its really unplayable… i don’t see others dc that often like me
its literally like i login, exp 20-30minutes then dc

Have to pay enough to get VIP status otherwise you’ll keep disconnecting.

2Dcs same time, its not server fault, my char was connected all time during night without bot

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