Official vsro job2

is phbot available for vsro job2 ? if working any one can tell me how i set it?

Yes, add it as a private server.

" Could not extract PK2 key, starting client to extract from memory " i got this message and bot freezing all time… when i select path for sro folder

You must use the testing release.

im already using testing release…

can you tell me step by step how can i set it?

I’ll take a look.

okay im waiting ur reply…

Try this:

Done! All is working now ! Thanks Ryan :slight_smile:

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Nice, that im looking for too, hehe
@nerta1337 vietnam ha ong

hi Ryan , did phbot vsro supported origin online or not ?

i can’t add path of origin online game folder , need help

I never added support for it.

Error.txt (52.1 KB)

I need an account in order to test that server.

private message

this error dont appears anymore, i think because i tick “patch english”