Official vietnam server

hi Ryan,

I have 2 questions.

  1. Can you add vsro 2job as official server in your option officially intead of private server? It basicly is an official one.

  2. Recently, some of us got this x-trap issue (same old issue)
    it forced PC to restart many times per day. It’s too inconvenient

after about 4-5 times restarting. It works again accompanying some captrap files

my PC didnt update anything. It was good last night

BSOD is caused by X-Trap not anything the bot is doing.

tks for your response!

and about the first question?

I could but there isn’t really a point. It’s what most private servers use so it’s added like a private server.

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because sometimes PC gets BSOD, the server is gone. I have to add it again. It happens quite a lot

The server name? That’s not possible because it’s only accessed when you see the private server dialog option.

Once I get this bug again, I will show you

I got this after geting BSOD (x-trap error and PC gotta restart). five times so far

I’m not sure what I can do. The BSOD is causing that file to not save or get corrupted.