Official Taiwan Silkroad

Hello everyone,

Taiwan silkroad is based on current isro files, the way to acquire items are also same: suns from magic pop, accs from battle arena… No devil spirit and wheels yet, and latter one wont be existing any time soon. Elixirs and powders are on item mall for low prices: 1$ and 0.2$ in turn for each stack. So, you wont be needing botting for them. This way is cooler imo since d9-d10 elixir prices wont be absurd. Cap is 80 eu-ch, bot is not allowed however phbot works and you can bot without getting banned if you know your limits. Ingame macro is available for 8h daily with some handicaps coming along such as lowered exp rate and drop rate.

The game is pay to win just as current isro however it is really crowded version of it. As of now we started as LangNedDuath from that of Xian and Hestia with few exceptions, around 10 people. If you do not mind donating your way out and want to give it a go leave me a message, After I reach cap I will help you with leveling part, which is only thing you need bot for thus can be avoided. As for language barrier, if you mind it even slight bit then you better skip this.

Btw, I have basic Chinese so I will be helping you with your potential ingame transactions, which wont be a lot since suns from pop are not tradeable and everything regarding alchemy is on mall.

I will refresh you we are on Discord like 30+ ppls actively playing 20 ppls in game,
Server is fresh like old times no gbots, u cannot use BOT (your own risk)
you will get ban doesnt matter if you buy silk ( taiwan players will report you)

The CAP is 80Lvl. it`s still open BETA. so Your char will remain on grand opening. we bought silk like 300 silk (u can buy only pet ) = 8€ VIP Bronze

you can use games sro macro auto-hunt 8h every 24h.
everyday %200 exp. event and many more
Remember its not private server its Original Silkroad Online

the website is :

any problems , registrations , translate etc. join us on Discord.

U have to use VPN ( game restricted to other countrys ) dont worry u can use proxy or vpn they allow it.


wich proxy needed country? :smiley: