NPC Pathfinding + Script Issue

I don’t know what causing this but after a one month pause and a server change to “Anxi” Auto Quest has 90% problems to generate a path to an NPC OR he doesn’t accept a quest (but has no problems returning in the quest is if you accept the quest yourself and quest is done) but it’s not the same for everyone for example Alexandria for me:

Palace Guard Mushari and the Quest “Deity Qualification (Sylakenth)”

Works for me fine but my cousin has the problem that he gets always “Could not generate script to NPC” or something like this. (by the way the quest above is the first and only one which worked for me from all the quests i tested between 15~25 quests or so which worked on other server fine so don’t know if this bug sneaked into with an update or a problem with the server which needs special treatment?)

Then i made a script for him for accepting the quest and it works totally fine for me too.
But for him he just iqnores the script just doing Townloop and back to Trainplace.

But the Main problem is Autoquests, we also tried for a clean reinstall but nothing.
So… How is this possible that the bot can generate a path to this NPC for me but not my cousin?
And out of nowhere this NPC and Quests works for me but not all the others i tested before?

use this im also on ANXI ;D ryan added it becurse i also had so many problems also use this settings:

also a problem on this server is if you have quest in takla and you have done a quest that needs to be in HT it will walk agains the leftover opstical next to the small way between ht and takla

Ah didn’t saw this new checkbox this would solve the problem with the Accepting thanks.
But the rest is still a huge problem. (Can’t generate path to NPC)
Settings are like this already.

And the leftover obstacles thats also a thing i discovered and have it different in mind since on Anxi the Bot has ALOT of problems with obstacles for example Roc MT almost every damn Tree he is hanging on no single time i watched the bot making use of “Navigate around obstacles”

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