Not selling Reaper sword

selling any thing but reaper sword no , and this issue in many private server , not know why ?

Is it a rare item? There is an option to enable selling of rare items.

no its not , normal items

Did you set it as your primary weapon? Is your script going to the Blacksmith?

not primary
also yes as it selling other items
but it read reaper sold as more than one items
as you see in pic its 2 quantity which is not right.

That’s weird. Is that a game bug or is something else in that slot?

I face the same issue in many private server the bot read that type of items as quantity so , it try to sell 2 or 3 of that items at the same time which not suppose to be happen

i configure bot to avoid that to drop and not pickup it , XD
what else can i do.

That has to be a server issue or some custom thing they added.

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