Not detected buff trigger by "then inject" condition

hi @ryan would u add a “then Inject” for condition

im on a server with a custom buff its on the job item like a socket stone i need to trigger it by condition the thing is that buff/socket buff is not recognized by the bot in any way but i have the packed for it thats why i need a "then inject " condition

thats the op code ( this condition would add custom buff/skill support for any sro server )
0x7074 (Data) 01 04 72 8A 00 00 00

also its not
recognized in the "if skill not active"condition i think a overall socket stone detection would be nice for the condition tap

also will the bot trigger condition while doing alchemy ?

(yes thats my alchemy char i need this 2%luck (bot will automaticly relog after townscript and will start alchemy a full auto alchemy char :smiley: thats why i need this buff trigered by itself

I’m not going to support custom things like that. You could do something with a plugin if you really want it.

what type of plugin would u recomend do u have something in mind ?

That’s up to you.

ok and if u would add just the “then inject” :smiley: … seems like i have to learn python and some api stuff … :sneezing_face:

You can already do that by calling your own Python function.

yes if i know how to send it xD

You must read gitbook and published Plugins :yum:

Yes im on the way also watched 2h of phyton vids xD

i think i miss a big part in it :slight_smile: but i dont find a tut …

Quick example taken from my inbox. :male_detective:


Since is something quick, I’m going to add code. So you want level up masteries?

uint MasteryID
bool UseSkillPoints

03 01 00 00 : MasteryID 0x103 = 259 means Pacheon
01 : spend SP

A function to level up mastery through python conditions?

from phBot import *
import struct

def LevelUpMasteryPacheon():

def LevelUpMastery(MasteryID):
	packet = struct.pack('I',MasteryID)
	packet += struct.pack('B',1)

One of this could work, not sure.

Conditions: if ( ... ) { Python ( LevelUpMasteryPacheon ); }
Conditions: if ( ... ) { Python ( LevelUpMastery(259) ); }

ok i will try it thx :smiley:

i want to exc a skill thats not supported by the bot its a custom job buff installed on the job item like a socket stone

do i have to put it in the plugin folder ?