Not attacking Thiefs sometimes


today I was testing the new Trade feature. For some reason the bot isnt attacking Thiefs sometimes.

First I though it was some kind of range Problem. Tested two different chars, one with active moving speed buff and one without one but this didnt solve anything. Also tested different options like remounting transport.

What I’ve noticed is that its works fine when I stop and start trading again. Here a sample video that I speeded up that you will find the relevant scenes more easily

Here some timestamps:

First restart → phBotTrade - YouTube
This is the first time its working automatically without restarting the trade → phBotTrade - YouTube

Manual restart here: phBotTrade - YouTube and working fine here: phBotTrade - YouTube
Same here Manual: phBotTrade - YouTube and working fine here: phBotTrade - YouTube

Seems that Thiefs that are spawning inside the range(or really close) are working fine and if they spawn outside not. Idk why because if they run ouside of sight range its despawn and spawn, so do they got blacklisted somehow?

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