Not attacking monsters

My character isnt attacking some of the monsters in range. I dont have anything avoided or ignored in type or specific preferences. The monsters are definitely in range.

Its not even consistent. Sometimes it will attack a wing tribe chaser pt mob, then the next identical mob it wont. But it might attack a general later. It looks like he’s only attacking like 5% of the time. The rest of the time he ignores monsters in range.

Are they really close to an obstacle?

There are no obstacles within ~50m. Training range is 10. Making the range larger doesnt help.

Sounds like an issue with the config then. Not sure exactly what though.

How many places could affect this?

Usually that’s some kind of conflicting buff / party buff that it can’t cast.

I went through all my attacks, buffs, and pt buffs (there werent many, im a chn). I didnt see anything that should cause an issue.

Ahh, it seems to be “Navigate around obstacles”. If this is checked, it behaves weirdly, if it is not checked, the character will attack normally. “Enable collision…” seems to have no effect.

I’m 99.69% sure that there are no obstacles within range. There is some steep terrain though, but you can walk everywhere on it. The center of the area is -4094,-265, if you want to try to debug.

It may still use path finding to walk around things.

But there’s nothing to walk around?

It’s still doing path finding to figure out if it needs to walk around something.