Not atking after auto pathing

I’ve got 1 bot in dw are and 1 bot in roc area and whenever they path back to spot, dismount their transport they just stand still and dont atk, what do i do wrong? once i click around it immediately starts attacking

Are you using the latest version?

the only way to update the bot is by running it am i right? afaik im up to date cuz the last post i made was about auto pathing to roc mt which got fixed with the last update (my friends got V25.0.9 while i still run V25.0.7 according to my phbot client even tho i ran the last update)

25.0.9 should fix that.

how do i force update it? simply starting it doesnt work

You may have skipped that update. You can download it manually and put it in your bot folder.

you da real MVP, quick and useful replies <3 tyvm for your amazing support

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