No more items can be stalled. but i have

I’m getting an error even though I have items on me


Bot detects 2 elixirs of 20 even though I have more than 200 elixirs on me

Its not detecting 2… only 2 are showing on the inventory tab because all the stacks are the same item and quantity except for the stack that only has 4 quantity… hense why that one is shown differently in the inventory tab (because its different quantity)

You dont need to use the filter unless you are wanting to split the stacks into smaller quantities before stalling.

Set yes to stall and the price in the inventory tab seeing as you dont need the filter.

I need the filter because I’m setting up the stall with the script and I want the conditions to go from the bank if there are 20 stacks left, get 200 again and open the stall again. If I do it from the inventory section, I will have to enter confirmation and amount for the stall each time.

No you wont you clearly havent even tried. Set the item to stall and price from the inventory tab and clear the filter tab settings…

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