No bot reconnect on 1.9?

Why would you remove that option? I used to start bots using the manager then set the groups to red (means leaving reconnect to the bots), that means if the server or a proxy goes down for just 2 minutes the bot will keep trying to relog by itself and I dont have to worry about bots opening and closing every 2 minutes…

Now if I’m playing a game, or doing something in the PC, and a proxy fails, the manager will start opening bots like crazy lagging the f outta my game every 2 minutes… Whats the point on removing that option from the manager


Because no one understands what the option does and it causes problems. You are free to use the old version forever.

So basically those couple rets that don’t understand the simplest option in the entire manager are privating me from continuing to use your bot the way I did since 2012 OR keeping me from having newer versions.
Make it an option or put a giant warning on it, it saves a lot of time and if you ever add something cool to the manager that I want to have access to, now I can’t…

Sorry I’m so tilted. Had the manager open 24 bots in the middle of my cod game and had to restart my PC.

I cannot put warnings every time I decide to make a change. You can always get the old version of the Manager and generally there’s no reason to update it.

If you change the administrator, disconnect and not in game delays to 1 day, it will not restart your bots and I think it will solve your problem.

I meant a warning on the option, not a warning about you changing something. Plus I don’t understand what some people find hard about an option that says “Reconnect on disconnect”. And yeah sometimes you’ve posted bot updates that only worked with certain manager versions, so I’d need to update sooner or later to have the latest changes on the bot itself. Can you give me a link for an older manager version for now?

@OmaWolle if I do that then no bot will relog ever… on 1.9 it’s either opening every one of the 20+ bots and selecting Reconnect on disconnect on each one, everytime you open them, or have the manager start those 20 bots when something fails for just 2 minutes (which I find annoying).

You can change the version going back to about 1.2.x.


Manager.exe (5.2 MB)


Thank you!

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