New user saying hi with Questions


-is there a free test version? how long? same futures as paid?

-is there an auto walk(no scripting)?

-whats the lowest range to let bot walk around at spot?
cuz i use a Therapy(chinese)buff to keep my self alive at high mobs
that buff range is 6
& got to walk around in it to lure (melee)mobs from attacking out side of it…

-also the lure techniue for warrior … do i need full script from base?
or i can pinpoint locations to use lure skills & thats it
like some known bots…?

-also got multiple accounts…
can i set each to login at certain time?
can i also set each to log-off at certain time?
cuz i also got 1 account with 4chars in it (main)
& also 7 other’s (just to help lvl the main’s character’s)

Edit: i see near the link above on my browser a button says “install projecthax” whats this?

  1. Yes, read the trial info on or in the guide.
  2. Yes.
  3. Depends on the spot.
  4. Either.
  • Yes if you use Windows scheduler to start the Manager at a specific time of day.
  • You can return and disconnect at a certain time in the bot.
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i like ur detail response’s xD
im in
a paid test as a start…
got a link show’s how to set win10 scheduler with manager & on/off…
no clue how to do it…
im going to use 1x instances Only … can they both work ?
8chars 1instances with win10scheduler…?
cuz seems in isro-r last update … 2instances = temp ban

Manager can start a certain number of bots at once then you can have it auto start when it opens.

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Phbot is the best
Don’t doubt it