New Server start on Tyche

So as the Title tells u tomorrow with the server merge of Eris and Celeus we getting a new server, im going to start on the new released server Tyche tommorrow. ( Starting with sro again after 6 years )

But i still got some questions about that new server, maybe someone who got some experience in new servers can help me out with my Questions.

1. Is there a IP Limit to start with on the new Server?
I´d like to set up my own 8 ppl party on there, so can i start immediately with setting up a 8 ppl party or is a proxxy needed in the beginning ?

2. Is a full party with Silver Vip enough for the beginning of a new server to not be kicked all the time ?
Want to lvl up pretty fast and not having those beginning server problems to not beeing able to lvl at a time :stuck_out_tongue:

3. Is someone / a guild / a group aiming to start on Tyrche as well and already aiming to build a guild ?
As u can see in the top haven´t constantly played for about 7 years, startet with Nyxx 2 month after it came out but then lost the time to keep going . Gonna need some help with the new Thief / Trader Systeh ^^ .

4. Is it still like that if u add 8 Europeans in a Party set up u get 20 % Bonus exp or is it possbile to fit a Chinese char into that ?
Id like to play a Chinese 70/70 Bow so id like to add this into the party of 7 Eu, or is it better to get the 20% bonus and plvl one up later ?.

Thanks for the Help and lets have fun together on the new upcoming server :slight_smile:

  1. Only login limit via 2 ( after login ) can log more chars or use Proxy
  2. can login easy for free until 1.8
  3. Yeah some guild will be join
  4. yeah Eu get more exp but little one about 10%,
    Prefer Party ( 3 wiz , 1 nuker spear , 2 warrior , 1 bard , Cleric)

whats that?

with 1.8 he means the First of august 01.08.2021 ( Since u get auto bronze vip when creating a new character )

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