New JCplanet server

server Eris or something…
bot not allowed?
i read something like that
but not clear if it covers all or none VIP only
there site is DOWN atm…

botting is never allowed in iSRO servers , “official rules”

its allowed in JCplanet when u sign-up for new account … as i read it before somewhere in there “agreement”…
joymax also allow it with there accounts but dont tell ya in there agreement … just to ban ya for bot reason … for petty shit if u did something they dont like…

Botting is not allowed on the paper. Just do whatever you want. Until they start banning non-VIP users as they did before. :slight_smile:

Also they don’t care about players. They’re sleeping in a deep state since 2010. They lost almost 90 percent of the players from 2012 ~ today

Also take as an advice, don’t post on JCPlanet your suggestions or your advices about how game sucks. Keep in mind that JCPlanet or Joymax will never do anything good for US.

JCPlanet = Joymax Clone Planet

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