New Event LuckyBox

i made my bot to Collect the Lucky box but he is not collecting the lucky box, can any one help me how to fix it, thanks


I have the same issue

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does it drop for high lvls?
im 127
& at 120
there is no gold dropping
so luckybox wont drop too? cuz i mine didnt pick any…

guess gap lvl have to be considered…
whats the fastest way to get them drops?
cuz my drop rate is sloooow
2h 5x only at 121 with 127char…

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there are 2 types of event :

  • items which are drop by mobs like this event ( this is most of the event in this game, you need a 6 level GAP MAX above to drop) Its the same for uniques … you ll drop with 6 level max above (Unique 125 => Drop max at 131 not 132+)

  • Event mobs like Snow flack (you can drop whatever your level)

EDIT : and for this event, the drop rate is lower but if i remember its 1 for 1 present not 1 for 10 items

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Same problem here.

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