not sure which section is this
but since its programing thing then…

i use this NetBalancer
to limit
or block certain programs
even weird named programs
from downloading
or uploading
or “connecting”
in my PC

as i keep blocking & finding my internet connection to silkroad or other online action games … become stable

i also see a problem with the … first* load/connect
if it is through the browser
or when opening silkroad client or trying to connect to the silkroad client/server
or any other server in general…

as if my PC do its connecting(first*) by a certain frequency of internet(main/first*)
but fail
& when trying again … it connects
as its trying 2nd option
2nd frequency of internet

was wandering
specially if you use NetBalancer
which processor(exe)
is the one that the first* connection go through it as main…?

even though 1st & 2nd have same speed…

cuz i blocked almost the whole list
and started unblocking what i use
and opened my connection … but seems to be the 2nd(backup) connecting… Only…