Need help plz managers of bot

good morning great boss managers
at the first is great option bot but i have some problems with it and need to fix so i need Ur help again i have download the manager but it have problems i have 8 characters open with to gather and my PC excellent to work with 20 characters .
my problem when i start bot all characters D.c through 30 min to 60 min & u know how difficult to re enter game
i tested bot with & with out manager same problem with D.c for all characters between 30min -60min when i making client less the account become DC
after any DC bot cant sense The charcter that taking Dc but i look in other characters i see it not in game so must close client manually
other problem when it tried to enter the game after log in some time bot cant select character & some time select same character after selected some time enter game & some time stopped mean select character & inter game & stopping loading game am waiting to assure it will not open approximate 60 min.
other problems i face it some time bot tried to enter & i see like 60/220 $ stopping trying am waiting to more than 120 min following logs but it not tried to enter game
finally am old user to & am new user in ph bot i see ph bot is very good options but i need to fix this problems
thank you very much for Ur support