Need help please!

I can’t setup my bard acc to buff the party only can anyone please show me the right settings please

Add names to the list on the “party buffing” tab and it will buff them when the bot is started.

there are another buffs not bard buffs


Scroll down? It doesn’t list every skill. You add them to the one that most closely matches and it uses the highest skill you have.

i hope that it will work
thank you

not working at all show me in a photos how i can do an bard account only for buffing the party

what you dont understand ?
this is setting for 1 bard if you use 2 bard dont use awesome word on both bard and put mana tambour on second bard only
here your buff


here you’r buff party member


that example with bard 132 if you have bard lowest use ur own last skil

I know that but Ima taking about this option,

clik on the char on the right
then clik on the left arow for add on wich skil u want

do you see that all of this buffs for bard only it’s not for one build and not complete so i was asking for what you add this option i know how to add a player can you understand me now ?
it’s not specific buffs what is INT, STR it means like all INT buffs or what ?

buff party tab show us all buff party from warior /cleric /bard/warlok

for bard just use bard

he not show you the only buff from you’r char
example :
physical buff and magical buff can be add by cleric and chiness recovery char
healing cycle too
the bot show you all the buff party from the game after it’s you you need too choose the right

now I got it because the first person answered me confused me completely
thank you for your help and fast response