Need Fellow pet Stuck

@Ryan can u do it? all need this plugin. i did try w/o plugin but nothing changed. Pls do it.

hello =)
you can try too add in your training script just moove some where where u can stuk record it then donne
i do this with my jaguar and work fine

i try on script but many times its not working in mirror and sometimes only working client, not clientless

Here we have few developer but why none help us :confused: this bug to most important bcz almost all users using fellow pet.

I believe you need a certain skill to be cast by the fellow pet in order to get it stuck on the mirror bridge. The bot only support fellow SP recall and nothing else so it’s pointless unless you run the client.

I tryed on client to but nothng. When its stuck few sec later its following me again.

im doing baghdad script to stuck it as will
its a gamble
sometimes it stucks
sometimes it wont…

anyone got a 100% guarantee pet stuck script in baghdad?