Need a log grab log

I need the collection log. Because after placing the party in the titan slot, I don’t have any idea about success. It would be nice if we followed the log with a txt created in the folder. Or otherwise.

If you can add such a feature to phbot, I’m sure everyone will be happy. Or maybe someone who is helpful writes a plugin about it?

That should already be in the log folder. There will be lots of other stuff there as well though.

but not neat. for example “player_death.txt” is very regular and covers the entire party. I meant a more specific txt like this.

I’ll add that to the next version.

Thanks for upgrade! @Ryan but this feature does not display items in a list. Only the name of my last drop comes.

Oops, it should work in the next version. I believe the stall log file also had the same issue.