Need a auto alchemy plugin pls help

hi i just wanna ask if someone can make a alchemy plugin for auto alchemy like

start → townscript->add all items to curent alchemy task(like clicking on “Add all items” in alchemy window ) → start alchemy → loop when finish

it would be pretty nice becurce i cant code and on the server where i play we dont need immo since all mobs drop nova u pimp and destroy till u get your +

You can’t do that with a plugin unless you reimplement the entire alchemy system into a plugin.

can u add a shortcut this 2-3 "add allitems " “start(alchemy)” and maybe “when player is inactive” (bubbles) in Conditions pls this would fix it all and the first too are just shortcuts it should be easy to implemand in the testing bot this is the only point i have to buy a bot

You most be lazy player :smile:

i pimp 250-300 items/day i have to refill every 6-7h but at some point i need to go to work or sleep and i cant pimp when the invin is empty or i get dc and when this happen all chars will stay becurse after a short time the guild storrage will be full and my 2 farm chars have to stop
i pimp till +12 on 1 rate server… and at some point i dont wanna stay at home on a saturday just becurse i have to refill the invin in 5h or even go to vacation :smiley:
i hope u understand now what i mean :smiley:
@Ivartheboneless @Ryan

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yes iam want something like that