Ned opin 3 char

silk road error only 2 char
i ned more plz haow i can opin 4 char Windows without a placebo

plz ned help

Use a proxy.

haow plz idk

Can I use a change ip program?

Use Google. You have to pay for them otherwise it won’t be reliable. You may be able to use a free VPN but that only gives you 1 different IP.

I’ve got a ip free from google Has been opened 3 now

Do you think it is a risk to the games

hmmm, so watta browser have integrated VPN? if u can find - just use it. otherwise u can use for example Veepn. probably it will be faster than free service tho. especially if u need “opin 4 char” lol

Cut the router in 4 pieces, then you can “opin 4 char”.