Necesito ayuda...!

Hola saludos…! Necesito ayuda XD juego sro latino utilizando phbot, no puedo hacer alquimia no me lee las stone que tengo en el inventario en el cual me sale un mensaje que no tienes Stones para este ítem, cuando lo hago manual todo perfecto pero cuando quiero hacerlo con el bot no se puede

Hello greetings…! I need help XD game sro latino using phbot, I can not do alchemy does not read the stones I have in the inventory in which you sell me a message that you do not have Stones for this item, when I do manual everything perfect but when I want to do it with the bot can not be

Try selecting the degree instead of leaving it on “auto”. It gets used for stones as well.

when I use the alchemy option, in sum I can not use the lucky powder option because it sticks, in the attributes and alchemy I can not either, it says “you have no stone for this item” in which if I have them in the inventory of the pj

thank you very much good service I do not change phbot = D

thanks for your help

Pochy tienes idea como puedo configurar el phbot con el srolatino, no tengo idea :frowning:

claro rey para mas ayuda ve tutoriales en youtube para serve privado

hi i have the same problem but i dont figure out how to solve it … i want to make auto alchemy on magic stones for my acc and saids i dont have stones … what do u mean with selecting the dg instead of leaving it on auto?

Go to the “Plus” tab and change it from “Auto” to the degree. It’s in the middle.

oh nice it worked heheh thankss a lot didnt know about that function thanks