My game profile settings have been deleted!

After returning from infinity arena, 2 game profiles (Adamin_Biri/Til*ki) of my 2 characters that I specified in the image were completely reset.
There is no problem with other game profiles, but the two game profiles I have mentioned in the image are the profiles I actively use. It will take me a long time to redo these settings I took backups of the files, reinstalled phbot testing and manager and restored the backups. But it didn’t improve. Why do you think there was such a problem? Is it about the virus? Please help me.

Read the forum post

I am trying to understand

To whom it May concern. I looked at the link you tagged, but I didn’t understand anything.
Now I want to send my characters to their slots, but I can’t send them because my settings such as any Attack settings, Gathering Filter settings and Brace Field have been reset. Is there any way I can find these profiles that disappeared for no reason? Could you please be more descriptive?

Yes you can recover those profiles from the backup folder inside the config folder. Take the backup file you want, move it out of the backup folder, into the main config folder and rename it to remove the date. Youll have to restart the bot for it to appear again.

This process is really complicated. It would be better if I reconfigure my boots settings without wasting any more time. Thank you.

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