My character or my pet doesnt pick up elixirs

my character or my pet doesnt pick up elixirs but they pick up the items or golds, my pick up radius higher than my attack radius and ı select the elixirs for picking up it doesnt work. how can fix it

Inventory full?

Did you select the right type of elixirs? For example in TRSRO they’re called “Incomplete…”. I believe I had the same issue though and removing the “pet pick” and re-adding it, fixed it at the time.

no, ı have enough space in my inventory and pet inventory

hepsini seçiyorum ama hiçbir şekilde toplamıyor envanterde de yeterince yer var nedenini anlayamadım

close enable collison detection it makes pet stuck

If this is TRSRO there is now another bug related to job suit and it affects pick. If you teleport again and try it it should work.