My bot Does gives HWID problem

As topic says my bot gives hwid problem for 2 days. we are using 3 friends. i got 2 bots open on my pc. 1 does keep giving that problem but the other is stable. now i gotta wait 6 hours for manuel reset. can someone help ?

hwid was changed in 25.1.3, all your friends should update to that version to avoid the problem.

  1. You can only use the bot on 3 computers at once.
  2. If you exceed this limit you will receive a HWID error.
  3. In 23.1.3 the HWID method was changed in order to fix it randomly changing. It will be changing again in 25.1.4 to fix some other issues.
  4. You cannot use 25.1.2 or previous versions with 25.1.3 at the same time on the same computer. It will conflict and you will get a HWID error. This will happen again with 25.1.4.