My bard party have issue

i have 8/8 bard party and in traning area all my bards attack 5 min and then set down :slight_smile:

Can you give us some more information?

i have 8/8 Bard attack party to farm arena and gold and after my bards go to spots start attck mobs and after 5 min they set down and do nothing :slight_smile:
look photo

@Ryan I don `t get it. Can you help me?

When my friend comes, he will be interested. @mann111

Thanks i have done everything and i checked also all bot setting and i cant find the reson why my attack bards are seting down after 5 min . but if mob attack any bard when he set down my bard stand up and start attack 5 min and set down again !!! is something i have never saw before

Can you check Potion settings in Protection part ?
You should’nt tick Auto sit Hp x % or Mp x%

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It sounds like you enabled the sit options under auto potion. You shouldn’t turn that on past level 10.

Hello phbot Team,
thanks for helping me , yes it was Auto sit Hp active :frowning: sorry ths was frist time i use phbot .
but i have other problem and this time iam 100% sure about bot setting is right
why my bards not send party to each other !

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I can help you get the party settings as a photo.

if your settings were right, then your bots send requests. you can be sure about that. as @NsyL said, you can send screenshot from party screen then we can right your wrongs.

this my party setting

I guess that your bards range like 0-5. May be bot doesn’t understands that in training area. So that don’t tick Only accept invites at training area or set bards range more than 0. It would solve your problem.

Possibly this. If the training area is really low it may not do what you want.