Installing using the latest installer on a fresh formatted win 7. Still getting msvcp120.dll error.

Make sure you have the latest installer.

what this problem

Send me your TeamViewer info.

Im sure i just downloaded before opening thread

Send me your TeamViewer info.

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same problem

Install vcredist and run Windows update then reboot.

it’s stay not work with MSVCP120.DLL i can’t open a Manger or PHBOT

Install what I linked above and reboot.

i setup vcredist_x64_2013
and reboot a PC
stay have a problem

You need x86.

i use Win 10 64bit
i will try use this ver

Yes but that does not matter.

thx for Help <3 it’s working now :wink:

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i have this file missing i downloaded this program and reboot my PC and still have the problem

Run Windows update.;

now i have this problem

Install both vcredist’s that came with the bot.

i did install everything