Mount fellow pet does not work

Ride fellow pet to training area or the script command “mount,fellow” doesn’t work either.

I just want to go to the spot riding my fellow pet to prevent die while walking, full int die easily.

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@Ryan it’s a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Do you have the item that lets you ride the fellow?

I’m playing a private server, I don’t need a special item to mount the pet.

Is it a vSRO server? They do not have fellow pets. They are just normal pets that you can ride which isn’t supported.

so sad…

I’m sure you could do something in Python.

I’m trying to get the packet and use it on mconditions, there is a way to use packets in the script?

Yes. You can call your own function from a script.

and where I have to define the function?

In a Python script inside the Plugins folder.

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Thanks @Ryan I already did it, I also added a function to mount and dismount using chat commands.

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