Moon gem


I am picking up the moon gems that drop from event, however it seems my bot is using them as pots. I only have the bot to use HP/MP pots only as you can see below. I collect in my inventory and you can see them going down and they refresh like pots. It seems as though the bot is using them over hp/mp pots.

The moon gems can do HP/MP 25% like HP/MP grains

But ofc I want to hand them into So-ok :smiley:
Any ideas?

Buy real potions and put them in the first inventory slots.


I just tried this and still same outcome. Bot is using moon gems before pots.

I dont know if it is just my bot or is a bug for everyone else :roll_eyes:

It’s probably intended.

how u exchang so ok at the boot or make it normal

quest,Event So-Ok

add at scrept twen quest,Event So-Ok,
quest,Event So-Ok,
quest,Event So-Ok,
quest,Event So-Ok,

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