Monster Summon Scroll

hello i play on pserver and i want to use monster scroll i set on my bot to buy it from npc and it is working and chara go to training area and bot start but in bot log it show me [11:25:31] Using monster summon scroll but in game nothing happen and monster scroll not use
i hope you help me ty

Hello its private server ?

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yes. it is degree 9

What is the type of the server?

I see the problem but for some reason the party scrolls don’t work in general. Pandora’s Box and the other ones do. I’ll have the working ones fixed in the next update.

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Ty alot i wait it … how i know silkroad ver like tsro or vsro ? i think it is blackrouge …

I was just asking what you set for the server type. It does not matter now since only 2 out of the 3 types of monster summon scrolls actually work in game.

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So you can make it work ?

Monster scrolls should work fine now. The ones that don’t work in game are probably not handed out by the server so you don’t need to worry about it.

i tried it now bro and i got same problem(( Using monster summon scroll )) but in game nothing happen

Are you able to use it manually? What’s the exact name of the item?

yes i can use it manually Monster summon scroll (party use) and i set on town script to buy it from npc …and bot buying it fine

I tested them all so I don’t see why it would not work.

can you give me which phbot ver you use?

Latest testing version.

Edit: I tested them on my own vSRO server. If they have custom monster scrolls they would be unsupported.

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ty alot i tested it and it work now :slight_smile:

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