Monster Preference won´t be saved correctly

If you set the preference filter in the “Monster Preference” tab of protection menu differently for IDs of mosters with the equal name, the set preferences will be randomly overwritten after a restart of the bot.
I only want to attack White Knight monsters with the a specific ID, since I figured out, that those match the high lvl version of the unit. I configure for example the bot like it is shown in the screenshot.
Once I restart the bot, all monsters of the type White Knight will have the preference set to either “Prefer” or “Avoid”, so the previous set settings won´t be stored.

I am using phbot v23.2.1, but the issue also occurred in ealier versions of the bot.
Already many thanks for taking your time to look into this issue.

It’s based on the name not the ID.

Yea, I noticed that. :wink:
So should that rather be a suggestion to change it to make the saving of the filter based on the ID?
While running the bot, it already filters the units properly based on the ID.

It would be more of a suggestion but I don’t see the point in being able to set specific IDs to a prefer or avoid.

I got the following use cases:

  1. If I go for trading, I would want my hunter to prefer the thiefs with ice imbue (since they are pretty annoying for trades).
    On the private server I am playing there is a noob and an event zone.
  2. In the event zone different kind of white knights are spawned (lvl 40-80), I would want the bot to only focus on the lvl 80 units.
  3. In the noob zone are battle golems from lvl 47 to 60. After getting some lvl ups the bot should for example attack only the lvl 55+ battle golems and the other lower lvl golems should be ignored (getting killed by the aoe attacks).
    I would assume that many servers have some kind of event zones like that.

And thanks a lot for the quick reponses. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: