Monitor display with black edges


was trying a game that required scaling up my screen resolution

while scaling up my screen resolution from 1360x768

so i can play the game

my win10 got bugged

after closing the game

& setting back to 1360x768

i get this black edges on the left-right sides

it does not show in the screenshot cuz the monitor/windows having it as the edge of the screen

doesn’t seem to be shown in the screenshot

but my monitor is giving me this black edges as if its the windows size thats given by windows system

this can switch back to normal 1360x768 covering my whole screen

but only when playing a game in 1360x768 at full screen … then switching to borderless screen

& yet

when i open a game again … it triggers a full screen … going black edges left-right again

when switching to the bugged black-edge screen … monitor display “1080p @ 60GHz” (thinking this is normal screen)

when switching to normal scale which i have windows on … monitor display “1360x768 @ 60GHz” (thinking this is fullscreen)

any clues?

Check your scaling options and set it to 100%. Also rebooting usually fixes a lot of problems.

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Tried those
But no results

The win10 & monitor have 2x resolutions
Fullscreen(1080p) & normal(1360x768) as monitor feedback on display type
(Both do it on 1360x768 btw)

It gives the fullscreen 1360x768 As if its normal size monitor feedback reading
& the normal … a bigger display & fullscreen feedback to the monitor 1080p reading instead of 1360x768
With black edges as if its not a wide screen

I think that game changed my resolution underrated as to set windows monitor to display as square
Without notifying the system to write it down or something

How can i change that manually


wanna say
solved the damn problem

right-click on desktop
& choose your Graphic Control-Panel

then to “Adjust Desktop size and position” > “Scaling”:

& change whatever its on
to “Full-screen”
preferm scaling on “Display”
Trigger “Override the Scaling mode set by…” if you want it to…

thx for the helps & suggestions…
+1 to the efforts… <#

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