Module is have problem

modules in the phbot don’t see brackets

Just because this website isnt supported(@hyildan you can copy and past screenshots directly into this forum)

That’s not a module, but something weird. Maybe a round or some condition would fix that but a final conclusion with only one example is hard.

Thanks you

Oh, you have to use testing with private servers. The job EXP value isn’t correct in stable.

How to specify the parentheses in the Carachter Data section only ?

this is realy crazy i can’t the fix it. Is there anyone who can help me with this can help me with this please?

dostum zaten cevaplasada kervan alamıoki bu job expsini npcye girmeden pm atması lazım

ryan he has to answer before he even enters in npc

Create a custom Python function to send the job EXP.

do you have a sample, this is very hard :frowning: