Mob resellect delay

I have Bow char at 100 cap server and I have a problem about mob resellect delay. After one mob has killed bot selects the other mob like 2 or 3 seconds later, I need solution for this. I was killing 1200 mobs on mbot now I kill 800 mobs on phbot…

There are no delays between the skills and I do not use protect party members or attack lower monster first.

try unchecking these boxes.

And check your buff and party buff tabs if there are any conflicts.

already unselected and I checked 2 times the buff conflitcs.

@Ryan can you help me?

alooooooooooooooooooooooooo??? @Ryan can you help me? or anyone else???

Maybe lag? try the new low latency option but adding LowLatency=1 to your phbot.ini file.

mbot fast than phbot in attack

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not working. still same

You’re right about this.

It’s something with your settings. Anyone who says “X” bot is faster than “Y” bot doesn’t understand that there are other things at play like your settings or server latency.

delete .json for that char
to redo the settings of it
might be mixing between old & new bot version’s commands…
using phbot-testing version ofc…

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