Mirror full problem

Ryan plase add mirror auto try again again when say full

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How many times It takes to get in? If you can teleport in 40-50 try, you can make a script and set it to teleport 40-50 times in script. It may work.

But if it takes hours to get in, I dont think that will work.

I have that same problem.
please help me. what kind of scenario can be prepared

As I said, you can create a script that contains to teleport command in that portal 40-50 times or more again and again.

going with automatic walking. Do I need to draw the script manually

I did what he said. bot only tried once

We use auto walking bro :frowning:

Since when does mirror have a capacity limit?

I dont know I’m playing joysro hazar

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Thanks I will try

Edit: it’s works your are best @Ryan <3

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