Mirror bot killing

Silkroad Online- Joymax allow bot attack players in mirror and FORTRES WAR.. pathetic - YouTube FYI

Please try to disable the use of that plugin in mirror, it really kills the game.

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instead of writing here go keep write joymax. its not plugin because all related opcodes are blocked by ryan

I can say for sure without a doubt that is not a plugin. This is a simple key presser using the games auto target system.

you should educate yourself before making videos blaming a bot plugin.


They might have created their own program to do something like this. Like spawn killing hunters.

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not my video and they have been doing this since 2 years. and yes, its via a plugin. the SAME one that is used for fw. Maybe you should educate yourself and speak about bot abusers that kill the game, kid.

Its not via a plugin, youve never been able to attack a player via a plugin since the day plugins were added.

look at the way it moves, its so obvously not a plugin but thats ok you dont need to understand. You asked and i answered, its up to you to believe or not.