Mirror 106+

in isro(palmyra) or isro in general

only 106+ can enter mirror
how i can see -105 there?

Use reverse return scroll to any party member whos in mirror

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is this still active? i cant teleport to a member in mirror
does he have to be a leader?
wearing job?
in temple?


apparently u can … by phbot … xD LOL it broked/forced a teleportation xDDD
@Ryan <3

yes it is active

u forgot to mention
that it only works
when u trigger it
by phbot >> inv…
& not from the client…

amazingly phbot bypass the restriction
what a gangsta…

also since u did it before

know a solution for this:

never happened to me. my chars work good :smiley:

if in isro-r(palmyra)

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